Cut Offs

Driving in yesterday's holiday melee downtown I inadvertently cut off two people, both of them good for a laugh.

Firstly, a lane change occasioned some minor road rage from a guy driving one of those pointless Porsche SUVs (the only thing sillier than a high performance SUV is a sporty mini-van), who veered into the next lane and tore past me at three or four times the surface street speed limit.  I felt like an a-hole for a moment, then registered the license plate as he roared by:


 I know making assumptions is wrong, but c'mon now, that dude obviously kicks his dog & makes his wife send Christmas cards to his mistresses.

Secondly, in my rush to make a light before a wave of onrushing traffic I entered a standoff with an older woman stepping off the curb.  I stopped short, but then she did the same....onrushing traffic waits for no one, so I accelerated again to avoid becoming road kill, KNOWING that she would do the same- the time honored Pedestrian Hesitation Fake.

Which of course she did, and (justifiably) yelled invective at me as I hurtled past.

We shared a pleasant dinner and a few hours later on the drive home Fuss said

"Dada, when that lady yelled at you....that was hiLARious!"

I'm glad someone was amused...

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