Empathy Deficit Disorder

I get the feeling stories like this one about the gay-hating Mormon who had a revelation when it was her own son came up queer are meant to be uplifting and life affirming- see, people can learn and change! - but they always bring me down.

It's Empathy for Narcissists- "Oh, wait, I'M affected?  Well then, THAT'S DIFFERENT!"

Sure, it's better than being one of those monsters who disowns their gay kid, but note the unenlightened half-measures:  "this bigoted cult lied to me my entire life and continues to persecute gays....so I'm going to change it from within!"

I suppose gullibility & naivete are prerequisites for joining a cult founded by a pedophile who transcribed its holy text by looking into a hat using magic glasses.

Not that the church can't switch hate gears when it wants- in 1978 they decided it was okay for African Americans to join their priesthood after all, and they kicked one of their founding tenets to the curb (officially, at least) when polygamy started to be a drag on expansion- but it's going to do it when the being retrograde & hateful starts eating into their profits, not due to some blossoming flower of enlightenment from within.

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