politics: Christian scouts

Just now on the radio a spokesman for a new 'alternative' Christian scouting operation said:

...a program that we believe will be stronger, safer and more principled in every way.

 Now, I've been making a conscious effort to keep the blog focus on books & Fuss, but this made me bark out an involuntary contemptuous laugh, followed immediately by the compulsion to write it up.

Because, uh, yknow....PEDOPHILE PRIESTS.

I'd feel much more comfortable with Fuss scouting it up in a hypothetical NEST OF GAYS environment than surrounded by the kind of unconscious d-bags who are able to ignore reality on that scale, a type of mindset which also fuels self-servingly oblivious statements like these:

“I’m very excited that we can be starting a new thing that’s historical in nature that will be talked about years from now as being a cultural shift,” he said. 

Actually, your purported 'cultural shift' is has been the social status quo for the entirety of human history, with a few minor, temporary exceptions.


“I want to be clear: We are not an anti-BSA organization,” Stemberger said late Friday. “In fact, we are not an anti-anything or anyone organization.”

Actually, absent a xenophobic hatred of gays your organization would not exist.
The foundation of the entire enterprise is exclusionary.

I understand the impulse of right wing fundamentalists to pursue their various pogroms against outsider groups- that absent things to fear & hate, the fear based organization ceases to exist.  What I don't get is their insistence that their hate isn't hate, their exclusion isn't exclusion, their fear isn't really fear, and that they are an embattled, persecuted minority (like the outsider groups they revel in excluding and marginalizing) rather than the dominant force in the history of the United States.

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