books: today's find

These Ballantine war history books aren't that great individually, but the grow more interesting in direct proportion to the number of titles you find. In any long running series there will be common books and uncommon ones- the strength of finding a big group like this is that you are guaranteed to score some rarities along with the regular stuff.  Picking these out of the bins I noticed a good number I've never seen, which set off my VALUEOMETER alarm.

The other interesting thing about this group is that I made it out to the bins an hour late today.

I was gearing up to leave at my usual time when Fuss came out of the bedroom crying and declared through his tears "Dada, I don't want to BIRTH!"

Which is what he's called 'barf' since the baby times, and is such a perfect alteration that we've adopted it for the family vernacular.

So I got a bowl for him to yakk into, a glass of fizzy water to rinse out his mouth, a blankie to wrap him up with and sat down with him to pat his back & commiserate while watching Adventure Time.  Tiner eventually rose, I handed the Birth Baton off to her and headed out, rolling up to the bins at 10 instead of the usual 9.

My finds today reinforce the theory that the best books in any group are invisible to the scanner grunts, which includes the employees pulling stuff in the back room for their own internet operation.  The angry deaf mute had filled two big 50 gallon drum containers with books by the time I rolled up, and I'm fairly sure that once I go through it this group will price out for more than everything she ends up buying today.

Softcovers are .25 each, so the whole pile cost me around $17.00.

The okay ones are reliable sellers in the shop for $3-5 each.  Less common titles, or ones on better subjects (tanks, the SS, specific battles) are solid $9.50 books.  The ones that are good for the internet run between $10-30.

Which is the sort of thing that makes me regret each day I can't make it out there to dig around....

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