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This article about just how hard Pandora cornholes "the little guy" triggered a conversation with my music-savvy pal Mr. Funk about radio pay schedules.  Unsurprisingly it turns out they're massively higher than the insulting fractions of a cent Pandora throws at indie artists, although the situation is complicated.  Would our guy have gotten 2,000,000 plays on terrestrial radio?  Signs point to 'NO'.  And the exposure Pandora afforded was worth more than their insultingly small payment given that it boosted his merch & music sales.

But still.

Anyway, until we fix the turntable I'm sticking with Pandora as the lesser evil.  They hose artists, but I still feel their more traditional 'radio' format is less toxic than Spotify's "pay us to torrent music for you!" business model.  How I'm going to square this with my conscience is by buying something every month from one of the 'unknown' artists Pandora uses for cheap station filler.

And almost immediately upon deciding this course of action I run aground.
The band:  Bellavista, who popped up on my Spaceman 3 station while I was making posole.
The genre:  Shoegaze, my personal musical heroin.
The problem: I can't find anything of theirs to buy.

Here's a track I dug up on Youtube- not the one I heard, but in the same vein and it only cements my desire to kick them down a few bucks:

Right in my wheelhouse, but if they still exist I can't track them down.  Wikipedia has a tiny placeholder entry, ditto for Facebook.  I can't find a cd to buy anywhere.  Pandora has found their perfect band- musically compelling and impossible to contact in the real world.

Wikipedia sez they're from San Francisco- if any of my musically inclined friends up that way can get me any info on them I'd greatly appreciate it.


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Thanks Wood!

I actually tracked them down on Myspace- there's a whole LP I can get from iTunes, although I'd prefer not to give Zombie Jobs a cut of the profit.

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Simon said...

http://www.discogs.com/sell/list?release_id=3255249&ev=rb looks like the vinyl is uk only. Might be worth it.

baxie said...

fuck yeah!