fuss: Happy Birthday to You!

Our little man turns 5 today.
To celebrate, here are a bunch of pics from his original birthday and one recent shot.

What's the saying, "begin as you mean to go on"? He certainly did.
This is the first time I touched him.

Recovering from his traumatic birth.
You can see the bruise from where his chin was stuck, but not the ones on his neck from where the cord was wrapped around it.

With cousin Daphne.  As he said a few weeks ago, "I was born to love her."

Group shot- Daphne, Mama, Devra.

Hairs on a tiny, tiny head.

With Auntie Devra

With my mom the day they let us out of the hospital.  She died less than a week later.

And here he is on the couch a few weeks ago, same location as the previous shot but four feet taller.

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