food: ginger dip

I made a batch of butternut/carrot/ginger soup for dinner and had a nub of ginger left over- too much to throw away, but I knew it would get lost in the fridge.  I made this up out of some things I had lying around and it turned out really good...so, sharing.

1 small log of goat cheese (the short one, about three big tablespoons)
equal amount of plain Greek yogurt, appx 3 Tbs
grated fresh ginger, 2 tsp or so.
1 Tbs honey, approximately.
pinch of salt

Dump ginger, cheese & yogurt in bowl, mash and mix with fork until well combined.
Add honey, mix.

It's going really well with a couple of leftover carrots.
I think I'll make a bigger batch for whatever party next calls for a dip....


Good Enough Woman said...

I love ginger, so that sounds fab!

baxie said...

it was SUPER good.
thinking about it is making me want to mix up another batch....