Netflix Streaming vs. Amazon Prime Instant Video: Advantage Netflix

I'm doing the two week Prime trial with a pronounced lean toward subscribing- I've been getting shipping supplies from them & free 2 day would give me a lot of ordering flexibility.

Along with the shipping comes access to their version of Netflix streaming, Prime Instant Video.  I've had an eye on it for a while, figuring if it eclipsed Netflix I'd just switch over.  But their library has basically the same mix of similar stuff with a few nice exclusives...which are canceled out by Netflix's own exclusives.

But hey, I'm doing a trial so I may as well check it out.

Even if you consider the breadth & composition of the competing libraries a wash as I do Netflix gets a decided edge in video quality.  Amazon's HD stuff is fine, but their 'regular' quality offerings are markedly inferior- fuzzy and a tiny bit choppy.  Netflix rates image quality with little dots and when my crappy AT&T connection is feeling spry we pull down four- at peak efficiency Netflix's normal video offerings are crisp, clean & smooth.   Amazon by comparison looks smudged and choppy at four stars.

I mean, you can't really kick because it's just an appetizer & not the main course, but I'd caution anyone considering it as a Netflix replacement.  Their HD offerings are limited and the quality of their regular video does not measure up to Netflix.

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