Gallery of all 212,000 Publicly Owned UK Oil Paintings HOLY...!

An amazing resource, online for all to enjoy.

For those (like moi!) who find the panoply overwhelming, they have a page of guided tours by a range of experts with audio commentary.

47 paintings by William Blake!

Here's the best thing we saw in England, during our day trip to the Tate, Ghost of a Flea.  This is roughly actual size- the photo does not capture the eerie depth and power of the original.

Move over, Angry Birds, there's a new internet time waster sheriff in town.

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Moorlock said...

This is delightful. I hope they continue in this vein to do with their libraries what Google Books has done with ours. I can research American sources (pre-copyright, anyway) with abandon from my laptop, but tend to fall into a black hole whenever I try to follow leads across the ocean...