Fuss: Tell Me a Joke!

The household assembled in the bedroom for a morning summit, discussing the formative years of jazz while Fuss emptied out the clothes hamper so he could practice shooting his beach ball into it.
"Don't worry Dada, I'm just throwing my ball at it!" he responded to my quizzical look.
"Oh...okay." I said.
"Mama!" he shouted, "See, it's okay, dada doesn't mind!"

So we're chatting about Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and their contemporaries as he's shooting his beach ball, until he felt he'd mastered the activity and laid back down next to the Wife.

"ARMstrong?  That's a funny name for a man!" he interjected.  "HEY dada, tell us a joke!"

In keeping with his favorite humorous theme I went with

"Why did Louis Armstrong cross the road?"

He immediately answered "Because he had a LAMP on his head so the cars wouldn't RUN INTO him!"

Which broke us all up, and he basked in the laughter while elbowing the Wife's ribs and "That's a hot one, eh Mama?"

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emdot said...

Is this in your library? It's one of my all-time faves. I've owned it for almost 20 years and still listen to it regularly.