fuss: Hexbug Fever

I got him a little habitat thingie for his birthday and he is completely nuts for it.

Last night we were sitting in the bedroom and he was spinning elaborate storylines for his two little bugs.

"He's coming upstairs because he likes to sit in the sun...now he's going down-floor because it's all cozy wozy for him!"

After a while of watching the bug go up and down someone asked him what the bug's name was.

"I call him Uncle Timmy....because he goes DOWNSTAIRS to get beer, then comes UPSTAIRS to use the bathroom!"

Later, the story changed:

"He's like Meek, because he says downstairs and minds his own business, then comes upstairs to have a fun time!"

And the final mutation:

"Now I call him Dada."
"How come?"
"Because he looks good!"

That's my boy!

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