Maurice Sendak, RIP

When Cousin Fiend was a sleepless baby we'd go over to their place once a week and make dinner, help clean up and generally distract Fiend so Auntie Burl could relax a little and enjoy some adult conversation.  There was a time when all Fiend wanted was to sit in my lap in the brown recliner endlessly reading this book together.  I did the heavy lifting, then she'd shout/laugh the chorus.

Me:  Happy once.....happy twice....

I didn't fully appreciate his genius until Fuss came along- the paucity of genuinely impressive children's books is thrown into sharp relief when you plow through five or six of them a night.  Wild Things is a work of literary genius, but I think my favorite is In the Night Kitchen.


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Good Enough Woman said...

Did you hear the Fresh Air interview with him a few months ago? I've never heard anyone so honest during an interview. I was in awe and in tears.