true customer tales: When Crazies Collide

Moments ago a couple of nutty regulars clashed at the new arrivals table, Chicken Hat lady & the fellow I call Sausage Fingers- she's nuts & gets worse when she drinks, he's just a bit touched.

But they were both trying to browse the same spot on the table, and being crazy they couldn't figure out a way around it, so they just stood right up next to each other, jostling each other and pulling at the books for a good 30 seconds.

Then Chicken Hat Lady ripped one of the most awe inspring farts I've ever heard- it sounded like someone  stuck an air hose between two wheels of brie and turned the compressor on 'high'.

Sausage Fingers ceded her the field and scampered out the door.

Wisely, I feel.

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