true customer tales: a new downtown crazy

A heavy older woman in a turquoise shawl, caved-in face like one of those gross dried apple head dolls.

She asked if we sell maps, I said no.  She asked where she could get maps, I gave her directions to Barnes & Noble, which triggered this high-volume tirade:

Oh sure...OH SURE!  YAH boy!  You bet!  You bet, you want me to walk my legs off down there, I gotta catch the bus up the street in five minutes!  You bet BOY!  BOY!  YOU BET, boy!  Do you pay my rent?  Huh BOY?  Oh it's paradise here, SURE boy! Boredom, boredom, BOREDOM sucks!

Somewhere in there she started drifting toward the door, so I interjected a cheery "Have a good day!" before heading here to transcribe her rant.

The other customers got a good laugh out of it, so there's that.

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Michael said...

Sounds like real Confederacy of Dunces rant. Yowza!