fuss: spirits in the sunroom

Paraphrasing again, because I was occupied in the kitchen and didn't write it down fast enough.

Cousin Fiend was over last night and they were having a grand time with this and that.
They were in the sunroom for a while, once Devra's room and now home to the books and living room overstock.

Fuss came charging into the kitchen in an agitated state.

"Dada!  Come see!  Devra's room is HAUNTED!"
"Really?  Are there ghosties in it?"
"Not ghosties," he said dismissively, "SPIRITS."
"Oh, spirits.  How can you tell?"
"There's a spider that doesn't move, and dust everywhere, and a secret door, and we heard CREEPY LAUGHING!  Come see, come see!"

I didn't spot any spirits and we couldn't find the secret door, even after continuing our investigation down in the garage, but there was an unmoving spider and a carpet of dust in the unused corner by the guest bed.

Then this morning at breakfast he asked

"Dada, did you know about spirits in Devra's room?"
"Yes, you showed me the spider that didn't move and the dust yesterday."
He nodded solemnly and went back to taking delicate crescent bites of his toast.

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