fuss: lollipop-ish

Fuss has been on a lollipop kick lately.
Tonight's pitch went like this-

Failing to get his pajama bottoms on because he "wanted to be in my DIPEY!", I saved face by talking him into wearing the top.  A bit later he sidled up to me in the kitchen and engaged his casual, coy persona.

"Uh, Dada?  I think I need a lolli-POP."
"Really?  How come?"
"Well, because I'm in my diapy."
"Hmm.  We'll see."
A few minutes later he was back.
"Uh....Dada?  My diapy is making me feel lollipop-ish!"
"Oh, it is?"
"Yes!  So, I just really need a lollipop.  See?"

Hard to argue with logic that airtight.
I did make him put on his bottoms, though, so I'm still a good parent right?

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