film: Time Out's 100 Greatest Hong Kong Films

Celebrating the centenary of the prolific and fascinating Hong Kong movie industry, Time Out delivers this exceptional Top 100 list.

As a crazed afficianado of the sub-genre known as Hong Kong Action Cinema my lone quibble is that Woo's The Killer should own the #1 position, although it's impossible to effectively whine about any accolades that go Wong Kar Wai's way.  But it seems to me the spirit of the industry belongs more to Woo's gun fu epics than to Wai's oblique tone poems.

I admit, it's a personal quirk.

But whatever, the list is fantastic, chock full of amazing films and full of stuff I still need to track down and see.
I should do a Netflix streaming post on this list- they have a surprisingly excellent catalog of HK cinema.

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