best of twitter: Manning To Broncos, Timmy Tebow Has A Sad edition

As someone annoyed by the fawning media stroke-fest surrounding Tebow last season, the schadenfreude of the Manning announcement is sweet.

So sweet I took to Twitter to gather snark samples for posterity....enjoy!

Ken Tremendous ‏ @KenTremendous
"I'll be sad to see Tebow go" = "Cool -- we got a guy who can throw footballs!"

Tucker Max ‏ @TuckerMax
Technically, Tim Tebow is still a virgin. Getting assfucked by John Elway doesn't count as sex.

this one's for my pal Ben-

The Bill Walton Trip ‏ @NotBillWalton
Peyton Manning has taken Tim Tebow's job by force. Why do Hall of Fame athletes get overly aggressive when they visit Colorado?

Bill Squire ‏ @billsquire
I hope The Browns trade for Tebow so I Can finally give up on this team once and for all.

Raike ‏ @mraike
Every time someone tweets something about Tebow going to the Browns, I die a little bit on the inside. I value my life, please stop.

Tim Tebow ‏ @TheTimmyTebow
New job for Manning: Denver's Quarterback. New job for Tebow: Go to Uganda with butter knife and binoculars, return with Kony.

Fake Bo Pelini ‏ @FauxPelini
Tim Tebow's office has been moved to the basement and Peyton Manning has his red stapler. #MiltonSwag

The Fake ESPN ‏ @TheFakeESPN
Tebow has been betrayed. Can we skip crucifixion/resurrection and go right to him disappearing for 2000 years?

TonyW ‏ @Ab3Fr0man
12 pack of Milwaukee Best? RT @profootballtalk: Broncos not expecting much in Tim Tebow trade wp.me/p14QSB-1H8S

matty rambo ‏ @the_blueprint
real talk, there are people in the stands wearing tebow jerseys that throw the ball better than he does.

Drew Magary ‏ @drewmagary
Turns out Mike Daisey fabricated the entire Broncos 2011 season.

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