Valentines Stories

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Valentine's Day is one of those Capitalist holidays I don't much like, inspiring the Haves to heights of extravagance in the service of making the Have Nots feel excluded and persecuted.   I once worked the floor in an Italian restaurant who's motto, Pizza, Pasta & Amore,  was emblazoned in flowing script across the front window.  The impact on my enthusiasm for Valentine's Day was roughly equivalent to the aversion therapy scene in Clockwork Orange where Alex's eyes are pinned open while ghastly visions cascade into his brain.

That said, as an old married guy I toe the line and leave the Che Guevara revolutionizing to the younger set.

And I do like the idea of celebrating love as an inclusive thing, a universal force for good to be cherished wherever it's found, whatever the source.  That sort of Valentine's Day I could get behind 100%.

And since it's my blog and my rules, that's what we'll do!

During this morning's commute I caught a Democracy Now segment on Story Corps, who's mission is traveling the country collecting oral histories from average citizens. It ended up being a tremendous ode to love in all its guises, and I recommend everyone take the time to give it a listen.
And make sure you have some kleenex handy- don't be like me, speeding along half blind while groping for a dirty tee shirt in the back seat.


Also, this goes out to the Wife & Fuss:


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