true customer tales: that one conversation

This is a recurring theme, so I'll generalize the interaction- it always runs the same course, regardless of what the person is asking about.

customer:  I'm looking for (a subject/book/author)?

me:  Okay, if we have (the thing you're looking for) it will be in this section here.

customer:  But, I'm looking for (repeats request for subject/book/author).

me:  Mmmhm, we'd file that in this section.

customer: Uh, but I'm looking for (elaboration on previous request).

me:  Yes, well if we had anything about (the thing you're looking for) it would be right here in this section.

customer:  But, do you know what I'm talking about?

me: Yes, you're looking for (subject/book/author), and we would file it right here, in this section.

customer:  Oh.  But wouldn't it go (somewhere else)?

me:  No, when we get that (subject/book/author), this is where it goes.

customer:  Are you sure?

me: ....

And no, I'm not exaggerating for effect here....

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