They WANT Us To Pirate Game of Thrones!


I know the impulse intimately, although in this, our Golden Age of media consumption, the digital bounty streaming directly to my television renders quaint the notion of downloading something to watch on the computer, let alone breaking out the velvet robes, carved staves and fuming censers required by the archaic ritual of burning a physical DVD, with its associated folderol (changing the teevee from HDMI to AV1?  Blart!  Switching the reciever from Video to CD?  Gurnk!).

Years ago, prior to corporate music's uneasy embrace of digital distribution in general and iTunes specifically, there was some CD I wanted.  The publisher made a big deal out of some new DRM scheme, which worked so well it was preventing legitimate buyers from listening to their music on a variety of devices, the intent being to STOP PIRACY.

The idea of spending sixteen bucks for a CD with limited performance did not appeal, so I poked around on line.  Oh look, there it is on one of the major torrent sites, a lossless copy with several hundred seeders.

I like supporting artistic efforts that I enjoy, I want creators to get paid and paid well.
But when the creation becomes so encumbered by intrusive corporate infrastructure you can barely get at it, then those other, less salutary distributors start looking awfully good.

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