music: post rock KCPR nightride

The Psychedelic Gospel, my previous favorite KCPR show (that wasn't Soul Patrol), has fallen off after returning from summer hiatus.  Eschewing the wide-ranging musical exploration that drew me in for a pedestrian 60's heavy playlist that rarely ventures further off the beaten path than The 13th Floor Elevators, it lost its savor.

The early contender for New Favorite Show (that isn't Soul Patrol) is The Gray Area, a haven for borderline ambient post-rock, with a DJ who has yet to set a foot wrong.  It's a good genre for me- I know nothing about it, and it isn't that musically challenging- I'd like to be more avante garde, but must bow to the reality of my essentially bourgeoisie tastes.

I tuned in tonight while picking Meek up from work, and here's what I could remember of the playlist, mostly so I don't forget it all by morning:

shades of Dirty Three:

and my favorite,

with one detour into straight-up ambient, which I also enjoyed.

Meek was supposed to remember one other track, but she has guests which means she's already forgotten.
Anyway, if you find yourself yearning for an actual human DJ to expand your musical horizons a bit, check The Gray Area.  Great show, interesting DJ, excellent tunes.


Malderor said...

I love that you describe Earth as shades of Dirty Three. I know F-all about Dirty Three, but Earth kind of invented the post-rock psych-drone that focuses on the guitar tone as much as the melody. Like Sun 0)) and such.

Also, Dylan whatsit that's the main dude from Earth introduced a young man named Kurt Cobain to something called heroin, and bought him a shotgun he later turned to unfortunate purpose. So he's kind of notorious.

As mentioned, I know f-all about the Dirty Three. What did they do?

baxie said...

Listening to more Earth (their new LP is streaming on Pitchfork), their 'sound' isn't so much Dirty Three-esque as that particular track was. Dirty Three have been around since the early 90s, the bring the ruckus with a three man lineup of drums, violin & guitar with the violin taking point. Their lp Horse Stories is one of my favorite things, check it out.

Malderor said...

Okay, bought it on your say-so. Also, there is a new Earth record. Spin gave it this capsule review:

EARTH/Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light II/7: Their most desolate, desert-parched tumbleweeder yet; hits clouds via Nirvana's cellist.—CW

So that sounds promising. I guess.

Malderor said...

Sorry, you just said there was a new Earth record. I jumped ahead of myself.

baxie said...

looks like that new Earth joint is coming out on vinyl- I'm gonna grab me a copy!