creature of habit

Back before Fuss was born I bought one of those cool alien looking Japanese fuzzy logic rice cookers, the idea being pretty much anything you toss on a bed of rice turns into a meal, and rice cookers are 'fire and forget' kitchen tech- throw in stuff, hit a button, go on about your business.  It's a great machine and I use it all the time.

Being me, I extracted it from the box, glanced at instruction booklet exactly long enough to puzzle out making a pot of rice then did exactly that for the next three years.

Then a few days ago something tripped a switch in my brain and I thought "hey...I bet I can program that thing to make rice so it's ready any time!"   The manual was of course AWOL, but what's the point of living in the future if the internet can't cure your case of premature Alzheimer's?

And quelle surprise, the alien rice cooker is indeed programmable.  I started a test batch in the morning while Fuss was engrossed with the latest Angry Birds release and it was ready at exactly 7pm, just in time for dinner.

So, yeah.  Three years of doing it the hard way because that's the way I did it the first time.

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