books: surprise, surprise, SURPRISE!

I've been doing this long enough that I'm mostly past being shocked by a book.  Even without knowing specifics, I have a feeling about whether a book is okay, pretty good, or great.  I'm not always right, but it's rare for a book to genuinely shock me.

Like, say, this one.
Pulled out of the Religion section of a thrift store about 30 minutes ago.
It looks like an absolute nothing paperback- drab cover, questionable publisher (University presses, with very few exceptions, mostly put out junk).  But I buy everything I see on acting and the theater, and I'd never seen a copy of this one so I grabbed it- fifty cents, why not?

That's one of the things I love about this gig- no matter how much I already know, there's that much more to learn.

of course, I'm not going to list my copy for $75- that's the crazy price people laugh at, which is why those copies are sitting there.  I'll price mine $40- still high, but a comparative bargain that will entice someone to bite.

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