books: On Ebook Plagiarism

Say what you will about the staid, traditional, often backwards world of publishing- the high bar for entry and entrenched editorial system make crap like this really hard to get away with.

Sharazade, who worked as a college professor, says she felt there was something odd about the ebook.
"I took a sentence from the description and put it in between quotes and dropped it into Google, and Bram Stoker's Dracula came up." Shar says. "It was word for word Dracula."

Sharazade contacted Amazon, hoping the company would take the plagiarized material off its site. But nothing happened.
In a statement to NPR, the company said it "worked steadily to detect and remove books that violate copyright." Amazon's agreement with authors indemnifies the company for damages against copyright violations. Once you agree to the terms, Amazon isn't responsible.

Ereaders- screwing everyone in the supply chain....oh wait, except Amazon.

It's grimly amusing to see a giant corporation like Amazon parrot the logic of bittorrent sites.
The reality of our age- criminal for a citizen, standard operating procedure for a powerful corporation.

Hey, here's a longer article by the same author.
Fascinating stuff.

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