Books: Stephenie Bronte? WTF!

Gal came in with a box of books just now and I found this monstrosity in the mix.

For those disinclined to click, it's a copy of Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights re-imagined as a Twilight clone, right down to the title font.  It looks like something a bored nerd would photoshop for his blog (ahem), but as a copy of the physical book is sitting on our counter at this very moment, I can vouch for its awful reality.

My first reaction was a literary gag reflex- I've tried to read one of Meyer's tomes and suffered an allergic reaction.  But on reflection, why not?  If they can trick girls into reading a literary classic by disguising it as Mormon vampire wank-fodder, good on 'em.  A few are bound to enjoy the real thing and might even wend their way further into the canon.

But it still gives me a shudder to gaze upon.

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