books: more Amazon chicanery

So, a new way Amazon is screwing the small seller is with their 'Fulfillment by Amazon' program, wherein participating dealers ship their stock to Amazon, transferring packing and shipping to one of their sweat shop warehouses in return for a small s&h fee and a space rental fee for stock that hangs around longer than 30 days.

It doesn't make any sense for low volume dealers who sell hand picked stock, but it's great for the big players who buy shipping containers full of books sight unseen and have it listed by minimum wage drones- you see them all over Amazon, sellers with hundreds of thousands of ratings in the last year, every one of their titles bearing a generic cut-and-paste description along the lines of "book may have underlining, missing cover, missing CD, etc etc etc".

This wouldn't bug me, except books FULFILLED BY AMAZON get preferential listings on search results & are eligible for their Prime shipping service, which is bound to erode the sales of non-participants (like myself).

So today a link appeared on my seller page urging me to try out their exciting new Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator!  I clicked through to give it a gander, but was stopped short by the disclaimer-

Disclaimer - This Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator should be used as a guide in evaluating FBA only. Amazon does not warrant the accuracy of the information or calculations in this Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator. Independent analysis of the output of this Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator should be conducted to verify the results. Please consult the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement for up-to-date costs and fees.

So, use this thingie to prove what a great deal our Fulfillment service is, only you shouldn't really trust any of the numbers it spits out because maybe we're just pulling them out of our asses.

Great!  Thanks, Amazon!

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