true customer tales: erotica

A scroungy guy who regularly buys off our 25¢ cart comes in, lurks around for a while then asks to see a gay erotica book from the case.  Normally I restrict case access to serious buyers- the whole idea of the case is to keep stuff from getting pawed.  But as he'd bought books from us (cheap ones, but even so) I pulled it out and set it by register where I could keep an eye on things.

He immediately knelt down and started rummaging through his hefty bag/bungee cord/rolling suitcase ensemble, a process so protracted I leaned out from my perch a few times to make sure he wasn't having some kind of episode.

He rose five minutes later by the clock to peruse the book, the taped-together pair of reading glasses he'd unearthed at last perched delicately on his rumpled knob of a nose.

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