things mom had a lot of

Garage Edition.

- more old soap
I found a bag of Christmas soap to go along with the Guest Soap I found in a bureau drawer.

- more self help books
I found two more boxes in the garage. The larger of them was labeled Self Help Books: They didn't work, ha ha ha!

- more old dolls
Many more dolls. Random limbs, hand made doll clothes, doll wigs and assorted doll paraphernalia.

- more photos
Many, many, many more photos, including nine large banana boxes packed with carousels of slides her dad took. I found his tripod upstairs in a closet. I'd totally forgotten about his photography kick (it came after his begonia kick and before his aquarium and jewelry making kicks).

- old sewing kit
All of my great grandmother's stuff and all my grandmother's stuff, in boxes.
Added to the more modern collection up in the craft room and it is a substantial mass.

- Christmas decorations
Enough junky wicker and sheet metal from China to bury the dining room of the Apple Farm. Tubs and tubs of the stuff.

- tools
Old and new- stuff I remember from her dad's garage, stuff that must be from his dad's garage (two man ripsaw? shoe forms?). Unlike most everything else, this will come in handy.

-ancient handmade clothes
Lots of stuff that looks like it will evaporate if you stare at it too hard, must be from my great grandmother. Hand tatted lace, baby clothes, all kinds of old stuff on the verge of disintegration.
I have no idea what to do with it, but I took it out of the damp fog-bound garage and put it in a closet for now.

The oddest thing I uncovered were the seat covers for the car she drove when I was in high school. It was totaled in an accident, I guess she wanted a memento. They were at the bottom of a giant steamer trunk underneath a big rubber bin of Christmas lights.

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TattingChic said...

I'd love to see what your Mom's hand tatted lace looks like. I'd love to see photos of it posted! I love tatting, that's why I say that and your post came up on my "google alerts" for "hand tatted lace".