Southland Tour pt 2

We landed in LA, our hosts were ravenous, Pasadena was nearby and we ended up at the All India Cafe.

Bobo took me out to lunch there a couple of years ago, and I've intended to go back ever since. But LA's restaurant scene is like one of those giant cancerous tumors that show up in the National Enquirer every so often, like the one the gal had to tote around in a wheelbarrow. It changes...it grows. And living in the middle of it encourages experimentation and demands evolution.

While I dip my toe in every few months and crave return visits, Bobo e Anner have squeezed those old haunts dry and gone questing for juicy new hangouts.

This time I lucked out- it had been so long my timid suggestion set their craving for garlic naan aflame, and off we went.

I don't know enough about Indian food to say much other than "it was really goddamn good!" The chai was the way the Wife likes it, spicy and not too sweet. The garlic naan was fresh and garlicky. Anner ordered this crazy potato thing wrapped in some kind of Indian tortilla that was spectacular. And we had some delicious tandoori chicken and Shahi Paneer, homemade cheese in a creamy nut sauce that the wife goes crazy for.

So, if you're in Pasadena and want good Indian, this joint delivers.

up next: the best gelato in the world!

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