crazy or drunk?

a smallish fellow wearing some sort of evangelical tee shirt (the way their graphic designers strain to look hip and contemporary is a dead giveaway) and positively reeking of cologne zoomed up to the counter and laid this rap on me:

"so yeah, I'm looking for this book, it's by Brian Weiss, it's called Same Soul, Many Bodies, and I just want to buy it and get over that shit."

I take him to the section- we've got Many Lives, Many Masters but not the one he's after.

"oh fucking shit...well, give me that one. I just want to read it and curl up in a corner and die, you know what I mean. Fuck."

as I lead him back to the counter he considers imparting further wisdom, but refrains.

"Y'know what, never mind....I could tell you, but you'd just shake your head."

The story did have a happy ending- I dinged him for $7 plus tax.

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