turkey postmortem

Dinner was fantastic.

The crescent rolls it took three days to make turned out good, although there's room for improvement. I might do another batch for xmas.

The gravy was spectacular, thanks mostly to the brother in law's 13 pound bird.
He mixed up a crazy middle eastern spice mix and BBQ'ed it with a pan to catch the drippings. My sole regret is not doubling the recipe, as the gravy boat went down like the Titanic.

The green bean casserole was also tasty, but not without some 'first time through the recipe troubles. It's another one I want to try again.

And the bar was lovely....it's amazing how much better drinks taste when you're mixing them in a convivial environment with a surgical array of specialist tools at your disposal. The vintage wood-grain ice bucket I picked up at a thrift store 10 years ago finally lived up to its full potential.

The winner of the evening was a Cosmopolitan made with pomegranate juice & citron vodka. Festive as all get out, and delicious in spite of being 9/10ths alcohol.

I got a couple of pix, I'll throw them up on flickr tonight.

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